BeingLab by Gonzalo Córdova

Strategic conversations that change the world

Welcome to the place where together we will improve the present and create the future. The fact that you are here is proof that you are ready to begin a journey of strategic conversations to generate what you have always imagined. 

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About BeingLab

We are passionate about:

  • Creating excellence in organizations
  • Developing a culture of clear and open communication
  • Helping leaders to lead with passion and purpose
  • Achieving together your maximun potencial

The BeingLab team it’s integrated by an international group of experts committed to developing the next generation of leaders driven for the betterment of individuals and organizations throughout the globe. We have been a key factor in leadership development for more than 18 years with Organizations of a wide range of industries with executives from more than 25 countries. 

About Gonzalo Córdova

Gonzalo Córdova is, a recognized conversational strategist, committed to human development, an expert at innovating human beings and energizing leaders. He is a facilitator, lecturer, personal and organizational coach.

He has been an active student of leadership, human potential, and transformation since 2003. His focus is on building communities of learning for the betterment of individuals and organizations throughout the globe. Gonzalo is BeingLab’s CEO, a company dedicated to bringing about the synthesis of the mind, body, and spirit to develop a powerful leadership presence. 


Coaching Conversations

Customized strategic conversations with predetermined goals and objectives. We rely on models of executive coaching, generative leadership, philosophy of lenguage, ontology, and organizational development with a clear emphasis on consciousness awareness to recognize the restricting forces and transform them into driving forces

Conferences, workshops, seminars, and programs

Tailored experiences for teams and the entire organization: our group of experts design and deliver online and in-person. 

Leadership and Organizational Development 

We create the right challenge or activation to fulfill your needs in congruency with the nature, challenges, culture, and goals of your organization.

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